Government Control Agency, a bet for meritocracy

By 17 octubre, 2023Destacado

Almost ten years after the ASCENSORES REGISTRADOS program was established, Revista del Ascensor interviewed the responsible for the sector, Eng. Roberto Lanz, in charge of the Operational control management and building maintenance and architect Camila Pota, who took over the elevator control sub-management position a year and a half ago, to address topics of interest to the maintainers in their relationship with the control body.


And we found a pleasant surprise. A breath of change refreshes the management of elevators in the Government Control Agency of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. And it seems to us that this change has a lot to do with the management carried out by the young Camila Pota.


When you hear her speak enthusiastically about finding new solutions to the problems that the union has to face, she shows a collaborative, understanding attitude, not lacking in imagination. Camila has known how to put herself in the shoes of conservatives and that is why, since she joined, she has worked tirelessly to “create” solutions with intelligence. In this year and a half, she worked hard to be fine-tuned with all the digitalization systems to understand them because if not, she says, how can I help them? The young architect is managing to improve and smooth the long awaited back and forth between the Agency and the Conservatives, always within the possibilities imposed by the organization. With her hierarchical superior, Eng. Lanz, they have created a dynamic team that has several important projects ahead. They both lent themselves to the interview without reluctance and with great frankness.



Some of the topics addressed in the extensive dialogue held:


  1. Granting of free parking permits for companies when they have to attend a building to service its elevators.
  2. Fines and lack of insurance when maintainers must renew registration.
  3. Demand from the union for more inspections to avoid vile prices.
  4. Control and removal of bad companies.
  5. Return to merit and categorization of companies.