35 Years After The Foundation Of C.E.C.A.F, The Elevator Chamber With The Most Members In The Country

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On September 18, 1987, Act No. 1 of the Elevator maintainer’s professional chamber (C.E.C.A.F.) was signed, 35 years ago. In the germ of the foundation nested the need and desire for the professionalization of a dozen elevator maintainers in the city of Buenos Aires. Today, with more than one hundred and ten members, the idea of ​​professionalization continues to be the course that drives them in each of their initiatives and activities.



That September 18, 1987, these were the maintainers who signed the Act: César Rosé from Ascensores Antártida S.R.L.; Lucio Lepera of Maxwell Ascensores; Roberto Dellepiane of S.R. Dellepiane & Cía S.R.L.; Diego Atwell of Atwell Elevators; Horacio Ingegnieri of Casa Ohms; Juan C. Fabro of Multilifts; Ramón Paz from Elevators Paz; Enrique Pecorino from Ascensores Pesce S.A.; Manuel Couceiro of Ascensores Couceiro; Luis Godoy from Ascen Car; Hugo Heis of Ascensores Heis; José Perassa from Ascensores Melián S.R.L.; Clemente Soto of Ascensores Terga S.R.L.; Pedro Velázquez from Ascensores Velázquez; Juan Orsei by Juan C. Orsei; Miguel Vicente of Ascensores Mercury; Hugo Bresciano of Decatri; Roberto Slavich from Ascensores Cima.



Dr. Juan Redoni, the current lawyer of the entity, came to the Chamber invited by Enrique Pecorino, to draft the Statute. At that moment the Chamber was born and since then it has been his lawyer, together with his son Martín. 35 years after that signing, the current president of C.E.C.A.F., Guillermo López; Dr. Juan Redoni, together with Jorge Durán, Marcos Sterzovsky and Hugo Heis, tell us how the story went on.



Revista del Ascensor: – What was the primary objective that brought you together at first?

Dr. Juan Redoni: – The main purpose was to fight for an Ordinance, for a Regulation, because there was nothing. They worked independently but in an inorganic way, without any organization to support them, as CECAF does now.


Hugo Heis: – The reason that led us to found CECAF was to consolidate the guild, try to get all colleagues to join a chamber, in order to achieve fair payments for services and avoid adventurers who competed unfairly with the organized companies that have higher costs because they comply with the tax burdens that the others avoid. We achieved many things.


R. del A.: – Did they need to have a chamber? What for?

Guillermo López: – According to Horacio Ingegnieri and others, they had met with the Government to ask for an Ordinance to regulate the activity and the Government answered something more or less like “and who are you, who do you represent?” At that time they thought that they had to make a chamber, they left that meeting and began to work on making it.



R. del A.: – The birth of Revista del Ascensor is closely linked to the existence of CECAF.


Dr. J. Redoni: – The relationship began when editors of the future Revista del Ascensor edited some issues of a publication for CECAF that, after long talks, became Revista del Ascensor an independent magazine that has always been close.


Dr. Juan Redoni: – To finish, we could say that since 1987 a lot has been done, and much remains to be done. It was agreed that some things are missing: more training of technicians, greater
professionalization, decision to close an elevator that requires it to be out of service for fear of losing jobs, respect for the value of subscriptions; but I also know.



He agreed on the importance of networks, on an important professional advance, and on the fact that people on the trade have passed the pandemic and are healthy, and that is something to be thankful for.