A Robot For The Installation Of Elevators, A Novelty Already Applied In Asian Countries

By 27 septiembre, 2022Destacado

Schindler RISE was applied in Shanghai, China at the end of December 2021, to help install five elevators in Tower 2 of the Xujiahui Center, one of the largest shopping complexes in the city. But the robot has also started the installation of ten elevators at Avenue South Residence, as well as a residential project in Singapore and the world’s tallest prefabricated and prefinished volumetric construction (PPVC) building.


“Schindler RISE contributes to greater safety and efficiency on high-rise construction sites,” said Paolo Compagna, CEO of Schindler. “The robot is in charge of drilling the thousands of anchor bolts necessary for the installation of the elevators, freeing the assemblers from that task. Thus, they focus on other aspects more related to the quality of the installation and its safety is improved. This innovation allows our clients to complete their projects faster and more efficiently, which is more important at a time when many of them are facing global delays in the works”.


Until now, the installation of elevators has been an exclusively manual task. The fitters determine the correct position of the guides in the hole, while drilling holes in the concrete walls, to place the anchor bolts that fix them. The same manual and repetitive procedure applies to the installation of landing doors.


With Schindler RISE, the company has fully automated this part of the installation process, thus revolutionizing elevator assembly, making it faster and more precise, while improving health and safety conditions for technicians. This pioneering innovation was shortlisted in the Innovation Leaders category of the Swiss Technology Award, the highest honor for innovation and technology transfer in Switzerland.

Source: Swisstrade.com