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More Modern Lifts: Synonymous With Savings And Safety

By 16 agosto, 2022Destacado

Constant technological advances have been improving the approach to vertical mobility. The implementation of new technologies allows the transport service to be more comfortable, faster, cheaper in the long term and above all – most importantly – increasingly safer for the user.


The modernization of elevators and forklifts avoids causing deterioration of parts that become obsolete, affecting their operation. In the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina, about 360,000 people are transported in the 7,500 registered teams.


With an estimated average age of 45 years, it is important to focus on the need not to postpone modernizations so as not to increase the risk of higher-cost mechanical damage and, in the meantime, exposing the physical integrity of users.


So why modernize your elevator?


First of all for safety. Nowadays, technological advances allow elevators to be much safer.


By modernizing the equipment, energy savings are generated, since the new systems developed by the industry optimize its use.


Maintenance is safer and more reliable. Being able to get spare parts and accessories in the market without the need to adapt parts.


Environmental sustainability. The elevator industry and equipment have developed, making buildings much more efficient in managing the resources they use for their operation.


Increase in the value of real estate, making them in turn more competitive in the market. The first sight the buyer of an apartment building has is the elevator. This is the first message you have received from a responsible consortium.


In the city of Mar del Plata there are clear rules and regulations with technical specifications and conservation of mechanical lifting means. In this context, ordinance No. 22663 establishes that by the year 2024 the entire vertical transport park uses new technologies, an issue that 40% of the existing units have not yet done.


Source: elretratodehoy.com.ar