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Alvear Tower: The Highest

By 6 marzo, 2021Destacado
Alvear Tower: The Highest

Nora Kamiñetzky

Photos: ©Revista del Ascensor


We visited Alvear Tower, the tallest Argentina’s building with 57 floors and 770.997 feet, located in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires.

The elevators are Mitsubishi brand and were installed by HeavenWard company, the official oficial representative for Argentina and Chile. There are 14 elevators, which include two main elevators that travel 300 meters per minute, and the others which include service elevators and forklifts that travel at 240 meters pero minute.

The machines are gearless with permanent magnets.

The cabines have special measures: three meters high and doors of 2,30 m.high. The keepads are equipped with a ten keepad system, with a security code.

The elevators include the Mel Eye system to be remotely monitored. The also get evacuation and rescue firefighters maneuvering equipment and are connected to the generator set system.

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