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WECO presents its new disinfection system: UV-C LIGHT

By 12 junio, 2020Destacado


The pandemic unleashed by the COVID19 virus constitutes a major public health challenge worldwide. The Vertical Transportation industry and its elevators, the second means of transportation  that more people travel in and which  more distances cover daily throughout the world, is not exempt from this reality and its importance in people’s daily lives is such that it led large companies to think solutions to give security to users. WECO ELEVATOR PRODUCTS is one of them and has incorporated a new line of UV-C disinfection systems.

The new WECO UV-C disinfection systems represent an effective solution for sterilizing elevators and escalators. They work with ultraviolet radiation from the UV-C wave, which has the ability to destroy the molecular structure of viruses and bacterias, eliminating 99.9% of these pathogens, both in environments and on surfaces.

WECO is specialized in security systems, these devices work together, guaranteeing user protection at all times.

There are also different devices for residential elevators and escalators adapted for their different uses.

WECO LATAM and its distribution from Central America

Given the extraordinary situation we are experiencing worldwide, the priority of WECO ELEVATOR PRODUCTS is the health and well-being of its employees, customers and their families. The company is aware that today it is more important than ever to care for and support its customers and distributors, maintaining fluid and close communication.

WECO has a warehouse in Panama Pacifico, a strategic point, which facilitates logistics, streamlines delivery times and improves transportation rates.

Latin America is already a loyalty market, thanks to the versatility and the recognized quality of its products. Grateful, they want to promote their growth, facilitating the acquisition of their products, providing solutions adapted to different markets and offering local customer service from Panama and Costa Rica.