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Beltek: New headquarters, a new bet on the future

By 27 abril, 2019Destacado
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Nora Kamiñetzky

We were surprised by a splendid building of 2,100 square meters in Matheu Street, Lomas del Mirador.
The new Beltek’s headquarters destined to be warehouse, factory, administration and show room has been built on what it used to be an old welding factory. It took a year to build it and since January 2018 is the new headquarter of the company in Gran Buenos Aires. Meanwhile the retail shop in J.F. Seguí at Paternal neighborhood continues to be the sale center for spare parts, accessories and all sorts of elevator products. Both branches, Paternal and Lomas del Mirador a very necessary, as this kind of business requires a large amount of space.


From left to right: Claudio Banega, Rogelio Banega, Martín Gatti, Pablo Banega and Esteban López.


We were welcomed by Claudio Banega, his father Rogelio Banega, his brother and partner Pablo Banega, Martín Gatti, the third partner of the firm and Esteban López, head of production.
“In this place we stock up guides, cylinders, hydraulic pumps, machines, automatic doors and several spare parts and sell them. This establishment works as a warehouse, factory and showroom” says Claudio Banega while he guides us through the facilities..


Looking at the huge stock the company collects, we observe a crew building more room to collect more profiles. Claudio tells us that they are always thinking about new storage devices to keep everything organized.


We left this sector behind, and went to the administrative one. We took a beautiful elevator, manufactured by Beltek to travel to the first floor, surely the best way to check the good quality of its operation.


With its high level of thoroughness and its excellent organization, Beltek S.R.L. grew stronger and managed to consolidate itself in just ten years as one of the leading component companies in Argentina and also as a manufacturer of complete elevator kits for the domestic market and foreign market. Currently Beltek exports spare parts and complete elevators to several countries of Latin America. The company now adds a brand new and excellent property of 2.100 meters in Lomas del Mirador to the former one of 660 meters it already had in its well known headquarters of Buenos Aires, at Paternal neighborhood, where they also storage parts and components of multiple national and foreign brands. In this brand new and excellent property in Lomas del Mirador, Beltek makes it stock of products and also customized manufacturing of kits, chassis, arcatas for hydraulic equipment, hoists for goods and automobiles, and beautiful elevator cars which are displayed at a modern show room.


In the first floor we are introduced to Mr. Oscar Ortiz who is focused on developing new projects. The order that they always kept in daily work was first a need and then it became an obligation to achieve ISO certification 9001-2015 that will be granted to them in the short term. The implementation of this standard was achieved in a year, almost the same time that has passed since they open this new headquarters.


Pablo Banega does emphasis on how important the organization and the tasks distribution among the family members and employees has been for the company development. “The key idea is working as a team, where everyone plays a different but complementary roll to ease the working process”.


While Pablo deals with finances and the administrative organization, Martín Gatti serves the customer service sector of spare parts; his father, Rogelio, is in charge of the factory staff and is responsible for receiving and delivering merchandise, while Claudio is dedicated to special sales and purchasing management.



The company exports spare parts to Latin American countries. “The inquiries from abroad grow more and more over the years”, Pablo says that exports are increasing day by day and that push them to be more competitive. The opening of markets allows them to diversify the activity, although, as occurs with other argentine SMEs, the most important part of the sales goes to the domestic market.


“We understand business as the result of a pleasant and friendly relationship between people”.


“There is no standard manufacturing as elevators are all different from each other. So we customized the most part of our production and although there are pieces standard, the chassis and cabins have different sizes, so it is impossible to have a stock”, explains Claudio in the manufacturing sector, where operators work from 7 to 17 from Monday to Friday. They produce chassis and cars, arcatas for hydraulic equipments, frames and leaves for automatic doors, and all the iron work for the elevator.


“Beltek only manufactures for elevator installers. We don’t install or perform any task but manufacturing. This was always our profile and we keep it this way”.


When he talks about his start in the activity, Claudio tells the following: "I started in 1992. At that time my link with Revista Del Ascensor was through Manuel (Kamiñetzky), who used to visit me at Tundis, company which I joined when I was very young”.


Although they don’t manufacture security elements, they are very committed to Resolution 897.


“We provide safe spare parts. To count on certified products is a big step achieved towards a safer and reliable vertical transport”. We met Esteban López responsible for the manufacturing of everything is produced at
Beltek. Esteban is behind new projects, playing with great responsibility and commitment. At that moment he was in the plant coordinating and supervising the operation of each sector. Esteban and Rogelio, Claudio’s father, are in charge of the correct operation and order that we can appreciate in the establishment. “Ours is not an easy sector” explains Pablo Banega: we manufacture, distribute, import, export, there is a huge variety of activities and aspects in our job. Therefore, it is very important the team work”.



At the end we went up to the show room that has a very wide view upon the factory. There we appreciate the quality and the aesthetics of the four car models they manufacture: Florence, Siena, Bari and Venice, in stainless steel or in colour epoxy paint option. Ceilings, operating panels with designs of their own complete the premium aesthetics of their products.


Both Claudio and Pablo, convey the great effort it meant to build the new plant beautifully designed by an architect friend of them. But they also convey it was worth it because of the satisfaction they have got with a development in progress in order to satisfy their clients.


The headquarters of Beltek in Capital