Red light: Safety at risk

By 28 marzo, 2018Congress
Conferencia de prensa Industria Transporte Vertical

A group of conspicuous representatives of the Vertical Transport met late week of march at Buenos Aires, Argentina to offer a press conference in order to make know the public opinion their position regarding to the Buenos Aires’ Government proyect to lower the maintenance fees, proyect which is not yet formalized. The idea was to clarify the issue and cooperate with the Government to avoid its idea of changing the elevator maintenance from a monthly frecuency to a quarterly one. The participating experts at the meeting, Fernando Suárez, President of FACARA (Federation of Associations and Chambers of Elevators of the Argentine Republic); Eduardo Padulo, President of
the CECAF (Chamber of Elevators and Related Products Conservators); Eng. Norberto Rinaldi, member of the IAEA and the Permanent Security Committee; Andrés Pozzo, member of CECAF, Eng. Roberto Espoille of the CAA (Chamber of Elevators and Allies and Eng. Santiago Tentori of CAFAC (Argentine Chamber of Elevator Manufacturers and Their Components) considered this meassure as dangerous, misguided and unnecessary, a measure that puts the users in jeopardy.

The Buenos Aires Government proyect pretends this frecuency will help people to save money, but the trade leaders clearly demonstrated that the savings only represent and insignifcant amount of money which don’t prove to risk a long effort made along more than 22 years – after the city Ordinance 49.308 was published- to create the community
awarness about the importance of safety practices to squander them later on something that, to them, does not make any sense.

Chamber’s members claim that the frequency of the the maintenance of the elevator components is suggested by the manufacturer, who is the one who knows the product needs and never by a government.

On the other hand they don’t agree with the Government iniciative of checking old elevators more often than new ones

The speakers confirmed that they are not going to take measures by now, as the regulation hasn’t been made efective yet. But they claimed they can’t take responsability on this new government decision.

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