Ascensores del Plata updated the system elevators at the new Research City Police headquarters

By 7 febrero, 2018Congress
Sede De Investigaciones De La Policía De La Ciudad 13

Since 2017, a number of notable changes started in Villa 31 and 31 bis at Retiro in Buenos Aires city.


The urbanization purpose, which is already quite advanced, consideres the construction of a new school, the possible move of the Central Bank and includes the current presence of the City Police with their new headquarters of Investigations installed a year ago at the emblematic Movement building.


The Movement Building (whose official name is Bruno Ramírez Building) located at Av. Ramón Castillo 1720, in the Retiro harbor area, on the edge of Villa 31, was originally built to be destinated to General Post Office and Telecommunications Administration during the first Juan Domingo Perón’s administration.


The building design belongs to architecs Augusto Gaido, Ángel Gallardo, Roberto Páez and Francisco Rossi who followed the avant garde modernist style. It’s architectural style meets the features of the modernism, which was fashionable at that time, year 1944. Finally, it was never used for the purpose to which it was  created and was abandoned for decades.


With the privatization of the Post Office Company in the 1990s, the building of about thirty thousand square meters was sold and currently is rented by parties: the ground floor is used by a car concessionaire , the “ Buenos Aires Guarda” a furniture deposit and the office tower that had been unoccupied until a couple of years, was remodeled and refurbished by the Buenos Aires Government and since last year is occupied by the various departments of the Buenos Aires Investigation Police, deparments which are distributed along the 12 building stories.


The historic building has finally became the support of the urbanization of the Village 31 and 31 bis, and it helped in the adaptation of the whole area and it is the representative of the Buenos Aires Police in the Village. It started to serve there since January 10, 2017. All this was posible because of the delivery of the Section Neighborhood 31 – 31 Bis of the Department Prevention Body from Federal Police authorities to Buenos Aires Police authorities . It is so that the new force of the city continues today to act in the investigation of crimes that are committed in those neighborhoods, which are of competency of the Federal Justice.


Laboratory of the Scientific Police of the City

This laboratory is considered one of the best of Latin America and at the national level is the most equipped with state-of-the-art technology, as it has unique instruments in the country that were acquired specially for the City Police job. The staff works 24 hours a day,every day of the year and has guards for any type of serious cases : fraudulent acts, violations, homicides, robberies, drugs and gunshots “.

Last year, five portable detectors TRUNARC were incorporated. This detectors identifie with certainty drugs, cutting substances and chemical precursors and all products which are prohibited by SEDRONAR. The Lab also has a GEMINI portable detector that identifies more than 16,000 substances present in its internal database and that can be transferred to operatives and drug raids. In adittion the Force has a last generation Vision Spectral System that differentiates the diverse types of spots of a biological nature (blood, semen, saliva, etc.) as well as remains of deflagration like gunpowder, filaments hair and fibers among other elements.

It is the only laboratory that has a biological inverted microscope for the use in the area of ​​DNA and another unique Electrode Scanning Microscope to determine if there are remains of gunpowder. At the same time, it has a Comparison Microscope to compare traces that allows to look for the relation between two elements and a Microscope Infrared to identify infinity of substances. Finally, the laboratory has a X-ray Table Equipment that identifies the elements of the periodic table, cutting edge Stereoscopic Loupes, biological microscopes, Gas Chromatography System and Portable Mass.




Ascensores del Plata was hired to maintain the Building elevators. Ing. Marcos Esterzovsky, as the technician representative to Ascensores del Plata was responsable of the job and the person who took us through the Movimiento Building to see the Elevator facilities while visiting the different stories.He explained that “the first thing that was done was the repair of the securities that did not work at all. When we review the elevators for the first time, parachutes did not work, the limits of over travel did not work. All the mechanisms were adjusted: the parachutes were tested, the whole system got lubricated. “In the building there is a permanent staff to attend any inconvenience it could happen ,since Movimiento es a public building with a lot of traffic.


The only freight elevator in this building doesn´t stop at the ground floor. For that reason, sometimes, the passenger elevators serve as one. Dislike the passenger elevators, the freight elevator has a stop in the basement, so it has 12 stops as the rest. All elevators present automatic stainless steel doors with central opening. In the entrance hall there are 3 (three) passenger lifts, with ascending-descending collective control, of 12 stops (ground floor, to the 11th floor). The Speed is 75 m/m. The capacity of elevators is a separate issue since its surface would allow a quantity of passengers greater than the allowed, but since the police personnel enter the elevator dressed and equipped with an extra weight of almost 30 kilos per person, it causes the capacity to be reduced. The elevatores are motorized by worm gear machines . The elevator controls of are Saitek controls for elevators 1 and 2 which are in dúplex. The elevator 3 and the freight elevator control CF controls . The frequency inverters are Yaskawa and Weg.




Prevention of accidents is the main axis in the job operation of Ascensores del Plata.

“Work accidents, in some cases fatal, which happen in the trade sometimes, mark us the horizon we must avoid and the safety we must pursue all the time to prevent them.That’s why this Company has been working since long time ago to control some fatal risks inherent to this profession and to bring our employees safe working spots.

Ascensores del Plata Works on an educational basis to train its staff so to reduce the amount of unsafe conditions . The importance to count with educated people is the key to mainteining high security standards when working, security that impacts directly in the users safety. The participation of the Health and Safe Security at Work professional is essential to be able to carry out all the neccesary prevention actions which consists on the detection of risks in the work place, implementation of efficient and consistent training programs and talks for operators, supervisors and managers raising awarness . Is is neccessary to advice the Company in the obligation of deliverying personal protection tools and equipment for safe working. And something that is not minor,achieve the commitment of all the organization to prevent accidents.

Ascensores del Plata working in collaboration with it Healthy and Safety specialist, Lic. Gabriel Giulietti, have managed to keep low accident rates in the last two years thanks to the implemention of a prevention plan that have been consistent with the organization needs , increasing the level of the employee satisfaction and improving the working climate. So far, day to day we keep working for a continuous improvment of our job, caring for our clients and employees, because we believe this is the way that will lead us to success.



The parachute test


Three of the four building elevators are devoted to passengers. The passengers and the freight elevator have progressive parachutes because of their high speed, that allows them to slow down less abruptly. This system consists of a steel cable that goes rolled down the elevator, and must be picked it up with a special tool once it has been activated. When the parachute is triggered by increase of the elevator rate speed, it unrolls the cable system that travels down the cabin. To return it to the original status  you have to travel up in the car gradually and twisting at the same time the cable with the mentioned device.

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