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Interlift 8

Since 1991, the most representative global industry elevator fair, organized by AFAG, opens its doors in Augsburg, Germany, to bring hundreds of international manufacturing companies into thousands of visitors from all continents traveling to Germany in order to keep abreast of the latest news offered by the elevator market and to keep themselves up to date with the new technologies in the forums organized by the VFA.


The 14th Interlift edition was opened on October 17 and closed on the 20th, ended on day 20 leaving a positive balance that marks a sustained growth from one edition to the next one.


New visitor record for the leading fair in the sector of elevators


The last record was achieved this year with 574 exhibiting companies and 21.260 visitors. Another record has been the 114 nations present at Interlift, with a 60% of foreign visitors. The atmosphere in the halls was most certainly not only so good because of the summery weather, but because of the excellent situation It was cordial and favorable because of the excellent situation of the sector, as the survey of visitors through Gelszus- Trade Fair Market Research, Dormund, showed.


The amount of positive opinions of the international elevator sector regarding to its future positive development went from 21% in 2015 to 34% in 2017, with a total of 71 % foreseeing a further improvement of the elevator market. This point of view matches with the global urbanization trend, is consistent with the global trend to urbanization, and it’s a realistc one.


Why Interlift is so important


The Interlift is the leading platform for elevator experts from all over the world. The representative survey once again confirmed the extremely high quality of the visitors: 85 % of the visitors participate in investment decisions, and of these 32 % are sole decision makers. This makes their assessment of the Interlift even more valuable: 70 % of the elevator experts gave the selection of exhibits top marks 1 (= very good) or 2, and a further 25 % gave a 3.


Opinion of the exhibitors


As was the case two years ago, the exhibitors of Interlift are satisfied of having participated. 69% of the companies valued their participation at the fair with the global note of 1 (= very satisfied) and 2, the note 3 was given by 22% of the exhibitors.


The business generated after the Interlift awaken very high expectations: 22% of the companies give about the note 1 in this respect, (= very good expectations), 41% value it with a 2, 27% with a 3.


Great presence of the italian elevator industry


Nearly 100 Italian lift companies were represented this year, more than ever before. And for the first time, besides Anica, the association of manufacturers for components, Anacam, the association


that represents the interests of the italian maintainers, also atended the fair. For lift companies in Italy, the Interlift has become the most important access in the world to international market. And not only that: for many of them Augsburg has also become their homes as they have been exhibitin at the fair for a long time.This is not really surprising, since it is often said often said that Augsburg is the northern most italian city…


Preparations for the next edition:


Work will soon start for the next Interlift 2019 edition that will run from 15 to October 18.


The preparations of the international monographic fairs take a long time; for this reason there is no time for the organizer, AFAG Messe und Ausstellungen GmbH to take a brake. Soon preparations will begin for the Interlift 2019, the documents to participate will be available son at the beginning of 2018.


Further information


AFAG Messen und Ausstellungen GmbH

Tel.: +49 (0)821 – 5 89 82 – 143

Fax: +49 (0)821 – 5 89 82 – 243

Email: winfried.forster@afag.de

Internet: www.interlift.de




Dr. Silvia Piccione, General Manager, ANICAAssociazione Nazionale delle Industrie di Componenti per Ascensori


“The interlift 2017 was special: The organisation was perfect, from the first to the last day we had plenty of visitors who were all seriously interested in our products. Even the summery weather helped to spread the generally good atmosphere! We were particularly pleased with the VFA/ANICA event it showed that Germany and Italy share the same market interests. A big thank you to the organisers AFAG and to the Trade Fair Council, we are already looking forward to our next participation at the interlift 2019 in the new Hall 2.”


Lexiang Zhang, General Secretary CEA:


“First of all I would like to congratulate AFAG and VFA for their successful organisation of the 25th Anniversary edition of the interlift. In my opinion the Interlift 2017 was a great success. The amount of exhibitors, of exhibition area and of professional visitors once again broke all records. The organisation of the trade fair is highly professional. We will be back in Augsburg in 2019 with even more exhibitors and visitors, and hope that the Interlift will achieve even more success in two years time.”


Achim Hütter, President of VFA-Interlift e.V., technical sponsor of the interlift:


“The Interlift 2017 was a great success. Using the shuttle service to the parking area at the WWK-Arena meant that for the first time we could target both trade fair entrances, which led to a very noticeable improvement in spreading out the trade fair visitors. The generally good economic situation ensured that both visitors and exhibitors were in the best frame of mind. The only problem perceived is the lack of qualified personnel, which slows the boom somewhat. The VFA-Interlift Forum was aloe well received at the trade fair and our over 2,200 visitors were a new record.”


Heiko Könicke, Managing Director AFAG Messen und Ausstellungen GmbH


“We are enjoying a continuous boom with stable linear growth, as is seen from all the top results in all benchmarks of the Interlift. The large extent and the internationality factor of the world’s leading trade fair for elevator technology are particularly impressive. With its large selection of exhibits and the clear advantages of personal communication it creates a sustainable added value for both exhibitors and visitors. Together with our partners we are extremely pleased with the excellent trade fair results, in particular with deteriorating general conditions and protectionist tendencies in certain important markets. These are developments that are not exactly encouraging for international markets.”


Joachim Kalsdorf, Project Manager


“This Interlift 2017 was quite simply sensational. Once again it impressively underlined its position as the worldwide leading trade fair for the sector. For our key players their motto is “interlift first,” and we have already been discussing possible enlargements to their stands for the future.”


Wittur and its magic cube


Since 2015 Wittur has its own pavilion at Interlift, the Wittur Cube, the place where their products are exposed at ease in an environment of design and good taste that matches with the profile of their products.

In 2017, Wittur was, as always, one of the key participants in the Interlift edition, which, as we have already said, gathered 574 exhibitors from 48 countries and he scored another record.


The Wittur Group was among the key participants at the 2017 edition of Interlift, the world’s leading trade fair in the elevator industry, which this year gathered together a new record of 574 exhibitors from 48 countries.

4 intense days, during which the Wittur team had the chance to present its extensive range of components for elevators, covering all the applications in the industry from commodity to high-speed: automatic doors, gearless drives, safety gears, elevator cars, modernization packages and special complete systems by LM Liftmaterial.


New technological solutions presented during the exhibition particularly attracted the interest of visitors:

  • A breakthrough Wittur UCM solution without overspeed governor, based on the new EOT safe electronic trigger that performs a direct activation of GLSG electrical safety gear;
  • The Wittur electronical safety gear GLSG, presented in unidirectional and bidirectional executions;
  • The new generation of Wittur compact machines for machineroomless applications: WSG-SF, WSG-MF and WSG-LF.

Also innovation and digitalization were under the spotlight at the Cube. Wittur demonstrated how its door drives equipped with digital interfaces are able to provide vast amounts of door data, which can be connected, integrated and used in real-time by the new generation of predictive and preventive maintenance systems. A dedicated corner, constantly crowded by curious visitors, presented this trendy topic with a live demo of moving car and landing doors showing how elevator professionals can access and interact with their working parameters.

Visitors crowding around the door modernization kits area demonstrated the keen interest about engineered modernization solutions based on HYDRA, C-MOD and AMD doors.


But it was not just all about products and technology! In the welcoming and relaxing atmosphere of the Wittur Cube, the company also highlighted its unique strengths: the world-class quality and reliability of Wittur manufacturing system, its global reach and local proximity to customers, the drive to innovation, combined with the recognized quality of Wittur sales support service and, above all, the expertise of the professionals working within Wittur’s network!


The argentine businessmen tell   their experience at Interlift 2017


Juan Luis Sánchez, owner of the elevator manufacturing company Ascensores Cóndor S.R.L., told “I visit the fair since I was 27 years old, now I’m 54, so you can imagine I know Interlift quite a lot”.


This year was very busy, there were emblematic companies and I noticed Chinese companies are increasing their participation.


I traveled to see if there were any news, but there were very little. I also visited it to strengthen business ties and interchange with manufacturers some issues on our local markets and their trends. I was interested to know which are the multinational companies which are currently positioning in the Latin American market. The fair was jammed, with some particularly crowded stands. Among the new products I only saw a 3 D barrier.


I am very happy to have visited the fair once more as I am always attentive to make the necessary changes to improve my company”.


Ing. Ricardo Couceiro, owner of Ascensores Couceiro the traditional manufacturing company.


“This was my first time at Interlift. I have got a very good impression. The number of exhibitors and visitors seemed optimal to me, and also the quantity and technical quality of the products exhibited. And it was impressed with so many visitors of the elevator trade. I found a bit strange the absence of the majority multinational elevator companies, even it was only for brand awareness.


I did not find great news in regards to the elevator technology, some things seemed to me very beautiful, especially the Italian taste in the manufacturing of keyboards and cabins.


It was a trip of general interest, searching for new products. In Augsburg I realized that in Argentina we already got market developments, and that we can compete aesthetically talking in the same terms with foreign companies that I have met there.


The permanent magnet machines were the most exhibited and were the star of the fair. Sooner or later they will arrive with great impetus to our continent and we’ll have to learn to use this technology. I can certainly say I achieved an experience unique, not only because what I saw and what I learned, but also, and especially, because of people with whom I shared so many days. ”


Claudio Banega, owner of Beltek S.R.L, highlighted distribution company and components manufacturer.


“We have attended Interlift in many occasions. It is a great high level exhibition that always meets our expectations. We always travel in order to learn about technological advances in our sector. We noticed a great deal of attendance and argentine attendants also. Regarding news the edition was similar to Interlift 2015.


Gearless machines and glass keypads were the most abundant products. The visit had a positive result. It was very useful for us.


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