Increased flexibility with elevator drives without machine room

By 15 junio, 2017New Products
freno sin ruido de conmutación

Ziehl-Abegg presented new developments: activation of the brake without noise of switching


Ziehl-Abegg, the engine expert, has developed several new features. The main novelty is a series of additional motors for elevators without machine room, which allows considerable improvements in space, costs and weight. At the Interlift trade fair in Augsburg, the novelty of a disk armature drive was also presented, which can be fixed to the guide rail of the elevator car. An electronic brake module was also shown as an extension for the ZAdyn4C frequency converter, which eliminates tedious switching noise from the fuses. For intelligent modernizations, Ziehl-Abegg presented a machine structure for double winding.


“We generate more power in a smaller space,” explained Werner Bundscherer, Director of the Technical Propulsion Division. This provides several benefits for lifts without machine room: the builder can act with greater flexibility, since the drive is approximately 15% narrower. The smaller machine also means, of course, a cost advantage. As an example, Bundscherer introduced a motor of the series ZAtop, the SM132 (with tractor pulley from 120 mm to 160 mm): This engine, compared to the powerful equipment available so far, has reduced its size from 245 mm less 210 mm; With comparable power.


“We have achieved this through a completely new design that makes a cast iron case superfluous,” says Bundscherer. The stator assembly is secured by tie rods between the bearing plates. As a result, the weight is reduced by almost a third, from 150 kg to 108 kg.


With the ZAtop SM132, elevator manufacturers can plan professional elevators with small and intermediate capacities (between 480 kg and 1050 kg). If small tractive pulleys are used, elevator planners can exploit the possibilities of the new supporting means to the maximum in their construction. “We offer our customers the ability to efficiently use new plastic coated cables,” says Bundscherer.


The ZAtop SM210 of great capacity and of the same type also presents advantages in terms of the use of space, weight and costs. It can carry loads from 675 kg to 2000 kg. Drive pulleys from 320 mm to 520 mm can be used.


A new drive with disc armature (ZAdisc) was also shown at the Interlift show. In very small spaces, this extremely flat drive can be mounted directly on the guide rail of the elevator car. A ZAdisc drive of this type with tractor pulleys from 400 mm to 480 mm can handle a payload of 480 kg up to 1050 kg.

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