New european lift standards of Pizzato Elettrica

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On August 6, 2014, CEN (European Committee for Standardization) issued the new lift standards EN 81-20 and EN 81-50 for publication.

These new standards will supersede the current standard EN 81-1/2+A3, which will be withdrawn on 31 August 2017, bringing safety rules for the

construction and installation of the lifts in line with current visions.

Part 20 is dedicated to passenger and goods passenger lifts while Part 50 will focus on design rules, calculation, examinations and tests of lift


Pizzato Elettrica has already updated its lift product range to comply with the new standards and is ready to offer detailed solutions that will

specifi cally satisfy our costumer requirements.


Safety contacts in compliance with EN 81-20

• According to EN 60947-5-1 Annex K

• Protection degree higher than IP4x (EN 60529)

• Mechanical durability higher than 106

operating cycles



To facilitate inspection and maintenance, a readily operable

inspection control station shall be permanently installed on the

car roof (EN 81-20

• Inspection Operation Switch which satisfi es the requirements for electric

safety devices (EN 81-20 5.11.2)

• Direction push buttons “UP” and “DOWN” protected against accidental

operation with the direction of the movement clearly indicated

• Stopping device in conformity with EN 81-20 (E-STOP button

according to EN 60947-5-5)

• Push button “RUN” protected against accidental operation

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