Editorial buen vivir

Our publishing house was founded by Manuel Bernardo Kamiñetzky on April 14, 1965 in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Its founding name was Editorial La Empresa Agropecuaria, which, at the same time was the title of its first issue, a magazine devoted to the farming industry.

About 30 titles tackling the most varied subjects have taken place in this magnificent fifty-two years.

Agriculture, the canine world, viniculture, medicine in its different facets, gastronomy, video home, hospitality sector and information technology were some of the content of their magazines and newspapers, a true landscape of journalistic and graphic quality coupled.

Currently, it edits two issues devoted to the vertical transportation industry: REVISTA DEL ASCENSOR, bimonthly frecuence, and REVISTA DEL ASCENSOR COLOMBIA, with alternative frequency.

It has a very active bilingual web-site:
www.revdelascensor.com, with the digital versions of the above mentioned magazines for free. It also has a Facebook fan page “RevistadelAscensor”” which also has great popularity and acceptance.

MANUEL B. KAMIÑETZKY (Manuel de Bernardi)

Journalist and publisher throughout almost 70 years, Manuel de Bernardi (pseudonym of Manuel B. Kamiñetzky), Editorial Buen Vivir S.R.L. founder, passed away at December 22 of 2010, at the age of 89.

De Bernardi was born in Córdoba, Argentina. As a young man he arrived to Buenos Aires and started out his long career working at Fabril Financiera, a graphic empire where most of the argentine and foreign magazines where printed during the forties. Exquisite and versatile editor, Manuel, a deeply culture man, when trhough almost every section writing all kind of articles on several topics, which included translations from different languages. He held important positions in top ranking advertising agencies and did the same as advertising manager of multinational advertising departments. He was appointed as profesor “ad honorem” of Direct Advertising at the Normal Nº 6.

He loved all kind of printed paper. Making magazines was his great passion. He created a lot on a variety of subjects, often being ahead of his time. Some of the titles he created and developed were: Maquinaria Agrícola, Mundo Canino, Vinos y Viñas, Administración Hospitalaria, Revista del Hospital de Niños, Después de Hora, Saber Beber y Saber Comer, Video Semanal, 5 Estrellas and much more.

Those magazines clearly show his huge versatility and talent. Every subject he dealt with he did it brightly. In 2002, after the terrible bankruptcy that Argentina went through, Manuel was awarded with the “Recognition to merit” by the Technical Press Association for keeping his editorial working on in spite of the crisis that devoured everything around.
“Revista del Ascensor” and “Suplemento de Seguridad” are a good fool stop for such a long career, lavish, full of ideas, varied and productive with a high quality standard, that he pursued along his life.

His children, Nora and Horacio Kamiñetzky continued nowadays with his legacy and keep in charge of Editorial Buen Vivir.